We at Amruqa work in conjunction with partner communities in remote areas of East New Britain, Papua New Guinea in a number of areas all of which have a primary focus on ethical agriculture and socioeconomic development

The name Amruqa comes from the Qaqet (Baining) word for the RoseWood tree.

We are a small Papua New Guinean company based in an area called Vunakanau in the Province of East New Britain that produces and supplies Organically Certified and conventionally grown spices and virgin coconut oil.

We operate as the processing and marketing channel for organically certified spices and virgin coconut oil.

We source, propagate (in our small nursery) and provide quality planting materials to our partner growers.

We provide training on husbandry, organic growing techniques and record keeping, value-adding and post harvest handling.

We facilitate education and awareness programs on general health and HIV / AIDS.

Encourage new low impact ventures such as eco-tourism and cultural tours.


All our organically certified spices are grown by the people of Komgi, a clan whose deeply traditional community located high in the Baining Mountains.

For the sake of simplicity we’ll refer to these unique people as the Komgi people as in reality, Komgi means so much more and includes the people, the culture, the village and all its lands.

Komgi village and its lands achieved organic certification in 2003.

Organic certification was essentially a formal recognition of the traditional systems. Words and phrases like “sustainability” and “environmentally responsible” are almost too insignificant to apply to a people whose entire society and culture is built upon the devoted stewardship of their lands.

Traditionally, these people only took from the forest and earth what they needed and replaced or replanted to ensure that their surrounds could sustain them for the future. This attitude prevails today.

Life's Realities

To say that the people who live in remote areas in East New Britain (or indeed Papua New Guinea in general) are tough is a gross understatement.

People tend to over use the word remote. This becomes evident when you enter areas like the Baining Mountains (or simply the “Bainings” as we say) of East New Britain.

One of the major challenges facing the people of the Bainings is that of basic access. Roads only penetrate a comparatively short distance into the interior and are often impassable having either been washed away (sometime they literally slide off the mountain) or become quagmires that can bog even the biggest trucks.

On a good day, the 40km round trip from Vunakanu to the “Buying Point” (which is quite literally the end of the road) takes around 6 hours.

Walking tracks connect Komgi and its neighbours to the Buying Point. All supplies required in the village and the spices produced for sale are physically carried across these tracks.

To put it into perspective, the Komgi people can run to the village from the Buying Point in an hour. For those not used to this type of bush track the journey can sometimes take up to eight hours.

We are the processing and marketing arm of something much larger – a cooperative group which includes the entire population of a traditional village area. This village is called Komgi and it is nestled high in the Baining Mountains.

Our business is family based. Our family and the Komgi family work as a team to bring premium quality spices and oils to you.

We are committed to ethical and sustainable methods and practises. Our lives and the lives of our partner communities rely directly on maintaining traditional ways and living in harmony with the environment.


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