About Integral Trade

All Integral Trade extraction, processing, and production are conflict and oppression free and have obtained the consent of the persons who participate in the stewardship of their local resources and are free to choose their mode of engagement. Steps in the Integral Trade extraction, processing, production and logistics value chain must evidence ecologically sound practices transitioning to clean methods with equivalent direction given to the lifecycle of repurposing product components. Integral Trade seeks to mediate transactions between those who subscribe to these preceding and following statutes. Integral Trade capital structures must reflect an appropriate balance between risk and reward. Integral Trade participants must share in profit and loss of a transaction. Integral Trade transactions must have "material finality" in that they directly or indirectly are linked to real economic transactions. All Integral Trade transactions and value exchanges within the global community are to be disclosed to all participants involved in the transaction; allowing communities to assess their degree of participation. All end products, processes, and their applications must be actively shared with all participants in the supply chain, permitting those at the origination of resources to learn how to add value, thereby building a knowledge capacity for subsequent endeavors.

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